Clear Your Lansing Property of Trees With Ease

Hire Michigan’s own Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC

Whether you need a tract of land cleared for safety purposes or for new construction, we can help. Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service has extensive experience handling large-scale lot clearing. Bring our team in for an assessment of the land. We’ll provide you with an estimate of how long the job will take. You’ll also receive a cost estimate, so you can budget for the job accordingly!

We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting. You’ll just have to sit back and relax as your lot is transformed. Get in touch with Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service to get started.

Comprehensive lot clearing services in Lansing, Michigan

Got a piece of property that’s been sitting unused for years? Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service can help you turn that overgrown piece of land into something you can actually work with. Our experienced arborists can:

  • Clear your lot of hazardous, dying trees
  • Prep your lot for a new construction project
  • Provide wildlife management by putting in fields for deer hunters and fence lines
  • Clear the area to give your property a cleaner look, and more
We’ll complete your lot clearing safely and effectively. Schedule a free estimate by calling Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service of Lansing.