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Firewood Bundles and Wood Chips

In addition to removing dangerous trees or pesky stumps, we also offer high quality firewood to our clients. Available year-round, our firewood is guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long. Regardless of your needs, we have the perfect bundle for you – small, medium, or large, we sell various quantities of firewood at affordable prices. If necessary, we will deliver wood to your front door for a small fee. For your landscaping needs, we also offer free wood chips! Come and pick up as much as you want for no charge. If necessary, we will deliver the wood chips for a delivery charge. Don’t get caught in the cold.

Call us at 517-231-8180 and pick up your firewood today. Serving Lansing, Windsor Charter Township, Eaton Rapids, MI and the surrounding area.
Our highly trained professionals will carefully grind your stumps down and haul away the mess afterwards. Watch them vanish before your eyes by calling Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service of Lansing, Windsor Charter Township, Eaton Rapids, MI and the surrounding area.

Replace that seasoned firewood with kiln-dried firewood

Are you tired of smoky fires that don’t last? Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC in Eaton Rapids, MI has the solution for you. We’re proud to be a premier provider of kiln-dried firewood. This type of firewood is far more convenient than seasoned wood because it doesn’t take 18-24 months to dry. Instead, we chop the wood to length, stack it in a metal cage and load it into a kiln. The kiln will then remove the moisture by using a large fan to heat and dry the logs.
The kiln-dried process is the preferred method because it…

The controlled environment within the kiln makes it possible to get the wood below 20% moisture every time, unlike seasoned wood, which struggles to get below 20%. This is why seasoned wood typically creates a smokey burn that easily fizzles out.

Enjoy a clean and efficient fire. Call 517-231-8180 to receive more information on the benefits of kiln-dried firewood.

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How Should I Store Firewood?

Storing firewood properly is essential to ensure it stays dry, safe, and ready for use. Here are some tips for storage:

1. Choose a dry and elevated area: The first and foremost step is to choose a dry area that is elevated above the ground to keep the wood dry. It should be away from any water source or damp soil.

2. Use a log rack to keep the wood off the ground. It also allows proper air circulation to dry the wood quickly. They come in different sizes and materials, but metal or coated steel are often the most durable.

3. Keep it covered: Although the wood needs to dry, you don’t want it to get wet from rain, snow, or any other moisture. Covering it with a tarp or a waterproof cover is the best way to protect it from the elements.

4. Stack it properly: Stack the wood tightly, with each piece of wood touching the other. This will stop the wood from rolling or falling down, which can cause injuries or accidents.

Overall, proper storage of firewood is essential to ensure it is ready for use and to prevent accidents. Following these tips will help keep your wood dry and in good condition for your next fire.