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What Lou's Can Do For You

There are countless benefits to getting professional tree removal and trimming services in Haslett, MI. From maintaining healthy trees to creating a safer environment, it’s critical to get these services done right.

Here are some of the benefits of professional tree removal & trimming services:

Ensure the health
and safety of trees

Professional tree care services such as removal and trimming help ensure the health and safety of your trees while minimizing the risk of property damage.

Improving the aesthetic
of your landscape

Professional tree care services provide aesthetic improvements to your landscape, while still protecting the tree's health in the process.

Affordable and reliable services

At Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service, we offer a variety of services, including tree removal and tree trimming, all completed with a level of accuracy and skill you won’t find anywhere else.

Quick and effective results

Our team works quickly and efficiently to get the job done right with minimal disruption to your property or the surrounding area.

At Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service, we offer tree removal and tree trimming services for homeowners in Haslett and the surrounding areas. We also offer crane-assisted tree removal services to remove large, stubborn trees with minimal disruption to the area. Get in touch with our friendly professionals today at (517) 231-8180 to learn more.

Stump Grinding and Lot Clearing by Professionals Are Essential

Tree stumps can be an unsightly nuisance, as well as a hazard if not removed properly. This is why professional stump grinding is so important. Stump grinding removes tree stumps with precision and efficacy, ensuring the surface is safe to walk on afterward. It also prevents future regrowth, meaning no more worrying about pesky unwanted stumps!

Lot clearing is another important task that needs the help of professionals. More than simply removing unwanted trees, lot clearing involves removing debris and making sure the area is safe and attractive. By having a professional team do the job, you can be sure that your outdoor space is clean and ready to be used for whatever purpose you have in mind.

For Haslett, MI residents, Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service offers the highest quality stump grinding and clearing services. Our team is experienced and committed to customer satisfaction, so you can rest easy knowing the job will get done right. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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professional emergency tree removal services

Emergency Tree Removal Services in Haslett, MI - Get Helpful Solutions in an Hour!

When the unexpected happens and a tree damages your property, it can be overwhelming and disorienting. Don’t worry, Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service is here to help with our 24/7 emergency tree removal services in Haslett, MI. Our trained and experienced team can be on-site within an hour of your phone call to assess the tree damage and provide an effective solution to handle the problem safely.

But that’s not all we do! We also have logging services. Lou will mark the boundaries of your property himself and will “cruise” your woodlot to determine the quality and quantity of lumber that can be sustainably harvested. Leaving logging to the pros is beneficial because:

  • They’re knowledgeable – Certified arborists have extensive knowledge of wood species, tree health, and the intricacies of proper pruning and cutting techniques.
  • They’re skilled – Professional loggers are skilled in safe working practices and equipment operation to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently.
  • They’re experienced – Professional loggers can identify areas of high environmental risk and employ specialized techniques to mitigate damage to the land.


Call us at (517) 231-8180 for more information about our logging and emergency tree services. We look forward to helping you in a time of need!

Stacked Custom Mantel Slabs

High-Quality Custom Mantel Slabs and Wood Products!

At Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC, we have a wide selection of custom mantel slabs to choose from. We specialize in harvesting, milling, and crafting one-of-a-kind mantel slabs from our local forest. Every slab is unique and each one is hand-finished with our specialized techniques. Whether you’re looking for a mantel for your fireplace, a unique accent piece for your home, or a beautiful centerpiece for any room, our mantel slabs are one-of-a-kind and sure to make a statement that your guests won’t forget.

But our custom wood by-products don’t stop there! We also have a range of custom wood by-products that you can’t find anywhere else. We offer outdoor furniture, decorative pieces, and even custom-built items like shelves, floating shelves, and furniture. All of our custom woodwork is made with high-quality materials and we guarantee that each piece will be made with impeccable craftsmanship.

When you choose Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC, you’re getting quality craftsmanship and unique custom pieces that you won’t find just anywhere. For more information about our high-quality wood products, contact us today for a free estimate in Haslett, MI.

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Be Ready For The Next Cold Spell With Quality Firewood From Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service!

At Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service, in Haslett, MI, we understand that in the winter months, nothing beats having a nice fire to keep you warm. That’s why we are now offering high-quality firewood for our clients! We offer bundles of firewood in three sizes: small, medium, and large -all of which are affordably priced. Whether you need a one-time bundle or multiple over the course of the winter season, Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service has what you need.

In addition to selling firewood, we also buy timber. If you have more timber than you can use on your property, give us a call. We’ll come to take a look to see if it is something we are interested in buying. We can also offer tips and advice on proper timber management for future growth on your property.

Don’t wait until the snow starts falling to get your firewood. Don’t risk having to brave the cold in a house that just won’t warm up. Call Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service at (517) 231-8180 and pick up your firewood today.

Firewood stacked neatly in storage