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Fully Equipped
Tree Trimming by Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service

Fully Equipped with all the Tools and Machines Necessary

Safety First
Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC

Specialized in Large and Dangerous Removals

Financing Available
Stump Art

Financing and Discounts Available for Affordable Solutions

Fully Equipped

Safety First

Financing Available

Tree Trimming by Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service

Fully Equipped with all the Tools and Machines Necessary

Tree Trimming by Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service

Fully Equipped with all the Tools and Machines Necessary

Lou's Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC

Specialized in Large and Dangerous Removals

Stump Art

Financing and Discounts Available for Affordable Solutions

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What Our Customers Say

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Leana M.

Great company, great prices, fast working, good communication, and a hard working crew. We appreciate the work Lou and his crew did for us. They did a fantastic job.
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Mike H.


Lou had great knowledge of our big Norway Maple. He and his team trimmed up some old branches and cleaned up around the power lines and house. They cleaned up nicely. Hardworkers – I saw Lou checking out another tree of a neighbor even after a long day on my tree. I would recommend for any tree service.

Tree Service Testimonial Badge

Ann F.


I highly recommend anyone needing a tree removed to hire Lous Cutting Edge Tree Service. The crew were exceptionally nice and did a wonderful job removing the tree along with cleaning up all the debris. I also was impressed with their stump grinding service.

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6 Steps to Clean Your Trees

Whether a tree has already fallen or is merely looming over your home with ill intent,
you can count on us to clean up or prevent a total disaster!
Lous Step 1

Step One: Full Assessment!

The tree removal crew arrives and conducts a survey to identify the best method to remove the tree. Methods include Felling Techniques, Crane Assisted Removal, Dismantling with a Bucket Truck, and more.

Lous Step 2

Step Two: Setting Up Equipment​

After the survey, the crew sets up the required equipment, such as a crane or a truck, in the optimal position for safely removing the tree.

Lous Step 3

Step Three: Planning the Removal​

The crew then analyzes the tree itself to formulate a plan of attack, deciding where and how to dismantle the tree.

Lous Step 4

Step Four: Tree Removal​

Once the preparatory work is complete, the tree removal process begins! Depending on the size of the tree, this process can take some time and requires the coordination of all involved.

Lous Step 5

Step Five: Repeat Until Done​

As each piece of the tree is cut and lowered down until it is completely cut down, the crew hauls away the pieces to a dedicated landfill or compost area. The ground crew begins cleaning up the debris.

Lous Step 6

Step Six: Stump Removal

If the stump must go too, a return trip is scheduled after ensuring the location of any below-ground pipes and cables. The stump grinding crew arrives to cut the stump well below grade, grinds the stump into tiny bits, and fills in the void to make a nice flat area.

We provide a number of tree services that will keep your property healthy and looking great, including:

We offer military, senior citizen and EMS discounts. We also offer financing! Getting your tree services covered has never been easier or more affordable. Get started by calling Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC.

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How Our Tree Service Can Help Your Trees

Trimmed trees are healthy trees

Your trees do so much more than just sway in the breeze. Lou’s Cutting Edge Tree Service LLC can show you the difference that tree trimming or tree removal can make!

Consistently pruning and maintaining your trees can:

Frequently Asked Questions

Pruning your trees ensures that they don't get too heavy or lopsided and lean over your home. It also gives us a chance to inspect for potential damages or infestation that you may otherwise never notice from the ground. Just like our hair and nails a regular trimming is no only great for the tree but necessary for them to successfully and safely grow in urban settings.
The benefits of keeping and planting trees depend on the property itself. Things like lot size, goals of future landscaping, and your budget often dictate the amount of trees someone can have maintained. I always encourage keeping any healthy trees that do not present a danger to the home or structures nearby.
Typically the best time to prune trees is in the dormant season which is winter here in Michigan. Spring blooming trees are the only exception which should be trimmed immediately after blooming but still as early as possible. Oak trees should only be trimmed from November until the end of March in order to eliminate the possibility of spreading Oak Wilt.
We don't typically 'top' trees in a residential setting however we do often do a reduction and or thinning of the tree in order to maintain desired height and avoid unnecessary stress and sprouting out in the future from 'topping'.
We don't use spikes on any of our trimming jobs because it causes the tree unnecessary stress and damage. We trim our trees by rope climbing which does not damage the tree in any way, nor does it spread disease or infection due to the wounds that spiking causes.
Unless specified for me to leave the wood or debris our quotes always include removal of everything from the ground up meaning the only thing additional or left on site is the stump.
This is strictly my opinion but I would always choose a hardwood if you have the room. Oaks, maples and sycamore trees are among my favorite trees. This is something you should really dig into to decide size, location, and surrounding trees to make a better educated decision. Just remember no matter what you do this tree will grow and most grow to be 60' tall so the spot you choose makes all the difference.
It is hard to tell how old a tree is from the outside but if you ever cut a limb off you can count the Rings and see how many years it has been alive, as each ring accounts for one year of growth. Softer wood trees generally grow faster and are less dense. A big cottonwood may only be half as old as an oak or maple 1/2 the size.
Generally speaking if the tree has a lean or dead limbs in the top we suggest that you have it looked at by a professional in order to truly err on the side of caution as this isn't something to risk. Other times it may be just a few limbs over the roof line or over the chimney that need to be trimmed off to keep the house free of damage through our winter months and heavy winds.
In the rare event that your property is damaged while we are providing you with our services our first priority is to make you fully aware of the damages and seek a remedy. If that means we replace the flower pot or offer you a discount then those are the options we try to explore first. If it is something major we do carry 3 million dollars in liability coverage to cover any and all damages caused by myself or any member of my crew. Also I deal with a local agent which ensures you are not months out waiting to see reimbursement.
We strive to protect the property from damage as much as possible during the removal process by minimizing impact and rigging heavy leads down. An option would be using a crane instead or laying down lawn protection mats.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover you in the event that there is an act of God and a tree damages your home.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent to understand the specifics of your coverage.

You do not have to be home when we provide our services however some people find it entertaining to watch from a safe distance. We encourage you to do whatever you desire so that you are as comfortable as possible during this exciting process.
Typically removals and trimming will be done on the same day, while stump grinding takes place on the following weekend or as the schedule allows. The reason for this is to allow for underground utilities to be marked and identified before we go below grade.
The fees range for disposal of organic material but on average we pay $5-20 a cubic yard to dump them at public lots.
As a professional service we accept payment once the job is complete at or above your expectations and as outlined in the quote we provide beforehand. We will always go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with your new yard or freshly trimmed trees.

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A Licensed and Insured Tree Service*

*Liability Insurance covers property damage only.

*Workman’s Compensation covers bodily injury while on your land. This is expensive for this industry and about 50% of tree workers are not properly insured in order to eliminate the additional cost. This is why some companies are so much cheaper so make sure you see both coverages!

*Workmans Comp as well as General Liability should both be issued to you directly from the insureds insurance provider and you should be named on said policy. If you are not you are at risk of falling through the insurance company’s loopholes and/or you may not be seeing a current and active policy.